Yoga Therapy Certification Program

Yoga Therapy Certification

850 Hour Program


Welcome to the Shanti Niketan Ashram's Yoga Therapy Certification program. The Yoga Therapy Certification program consists of the Ashram’s three Yoga Anatomy and Therapeutics teacher training modules and a 100 hour internship module of supervised study and practice. The first three modules are separated by two 2 month breaks to allow students to integrate and digest the new information. There will be a small amount of additional course work during the breaks to assist students in their mastery of the material. Please note that each of the Yoga Anatomy and Therapeutics training modules may be taken individually for those who do not want to pursue certification in yoga therapy.

Shanti Niketan Ashram’s Yoga Therapy Certification program is the first of its kind in our area. Built upon the Ashram’s teachings of classical yoga and decades of knowledge of anatomy and physiology, this comprehensive program offers teachers a new level of information and practical tools to utilize the science of yoga therapeutically. Students in the program will learn detailed assessment and observation skills, the anatomy of the myofascial system and its relationship to all the body systems, and how imbalances in these systems manifest as disease and injury. After a thorough study of these relationships, students will then learn what corrective measures to implement. The program will include how to work in one-on-one and group therapeutic sessions and with a variety of populations. Paramount to all healing is an understanding of the mind, its functions, and its role in healing and disease. Healing begins with the mind and a reformation of thought for the upliftment of consciousness is essential. The foundation of Yoga Therapy is that health is our natural state. The presence of disease, injury, or pain is a sign that this expression has been masked by physical, mental or spiritual impurities. The systematic, intelligent practice of Yoga Therapy helps to remove the impurities, restore proper function and movement, increase circulation and remove wastes. A sincere dedication to its practice brings health, peace and a greater awareness of Self.

The Yoga Therapy Certification course consists of four modules. The first three modules will each be four months in length, meeting one weekend a month. Each module will consist of a deep and comprehensive study of anatomy, physiology, asana, meditation, pranayama, yama and niyama, purification, scriptural study, karma yoga, yoga therapy fundamentals, personal practice and study, yogic nutrition, mantra yoga, and bhakti yoga. The 4th module is an internship period lasting no longer than one year, giving students the opportunity to take the knowledge and skills from the weekend intensives and apply them both on themselves at home and also with the public in a supervised fashion.

January 2018-February 2019

  • Module 1 The Myofascial Systerm
    January 12-14
    February 16-18
    March 16-18
    April 20-22
    Module 2 The Integration of Organs and Tissue
    June 8-10
    July 13-15
    August 10-12
    September 7-9
    Module 3 Pathology and Assessment
    November 2-4
    November 30, Dec 1-2
    January 11-13
    February 8-10
    Module 4 100 Hour Internship
    *Deadline for application is
    December 1, 2017

Class Schedule

  • Friday 6pm-8:30pm
    Saturday and Sunday 7:15am - 4:45pm


The fee for this course is $5200, paid in full at the time of application.

If you prefer incremental payments, you may instead pay $900 at the time of application, plus five payments of $900 for a total of $5400.

We accept cash, checks, money orders, and paypal.

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"May we never lose sight that the true reason for health is to serve, to cultivate a fit, efficient and able body with which to help others."
~ Chandra Om

Module 1 Yoga Anatomy and Therapeutics: The Myofascial System
Yoga Therapy Fundamentals History of Therapeutic Yoga Anatomy of the Myofascial System
Myofascial Meridians Principles of Alignment Anatomy of Pranayama
Observation & Alignment Student Teaching Kinesiology
Study of the Self Yoga Philosophy The Art of Breathing
Yama and Niyama Mantra Yoga Purification
Module 2 Yoga Anatomy and Therapeutics: The Integration Organs and Tissue
Anatomy and Physiology of the Body Systems Organ Systems and Functions Organ Movement and Asana
Myofascial Meridians and Organ Systems Homeostasis and the Body Systems Asana, Pranyama and Organ Function
Alignment and Body System Function Student Teaching Meditation
Study of the Self Yoga Philosophy Scriptural Study
Yama and Niyama Mantra Yoga Purification
Module 3 Yoga Anatomy and Therapeutics: Pathology and Assessment
Assessment Skills Adjustments Pathology of the Body Systems
Yoga Nidra Planning Yoga Therapy Sessions Yoga Therapy for PTSD
Yoga Therapy for Nervous System Disorders Student Teaching Yoga Therapy Pre-Post Surgery
Study of the Self Yoga Philosophy Yoga Therapy for Joint/Tissue Injuries
Yama and Niyama Mantra Yoga Yoga Therapy for Special Populations
Module 4 Internship
The 100 hour internship period will be completed at home and consists of home practice, observation of yoga therapy sessions, and practice of yoga therapy on the public free of charge. Students will have up to one year to complete the internship.
Course Requirements
Completion of a basic teacher training program and understanding of the core yoga poses (standing, sitting, forward bends, backbends, inversions, and restoratives)
A minimum of 1 year previous experience teaching yoga is recommended
Dedication to personal growth and spiritual life
A sincere desire to serve humanity
A vegetarian diet and freedom from drugs and alcohol are required during the program
30-45 minutes of daily meditation and pranayama
60-90 minutes of daily asana and yoga therapy fundamentals
Completion of all written assignments, tests, quizzes, reading and student teaching during the program
Attendance at a hatha yoga class or yoga therapy session at the ashram weekly (arrangements can be made for out of town students)

For those wishing to be fully certified by the Ashram in the practice of Yoga Therapy, the following must be completed:

Full attedance at all 3 modules of Yoga Anatomy and Therapeutics with all course work completed from the weekend intensives and at home work.

The 100 hour internship (Module 4) must be completed within at least one year of the end of the 3rd module. Students will be supervised by the instructor and contact with the Ashram should be regular during this time.


Lakshmi Om is a beautiful example of living Yoga. Director of the ashram, she is also a direct disciple of Chandra Om. She has been studying and teaching at the ashram since 2003 and her teaching is an offering of gratitude to her Guru for all that she has been given. Lakshmi hopes to impart to all the essential qualities of compassion and unconditional love. She has been studying and working with the body, movement and healing for over 23 years. She has dedicated her life to the service of humanity.