Yoga Anatomy and Therapeutics Training

Yoga Anatomy and Therapeutics Teacher Training


Welcome to the Shanti Niketan Ashram's Yoga Anatomy and Therapeutics Teacher Training Course. In this four month long training, the complexities of an in-depth study of the Anatomy of Yoga are presented in an experiential, fun and easy to understand manner from the Yogic perspective. Our traditional 5 day training has now been broken up into a 4 full weekend training program for deeper and more intensive study. The focus of the program is a deeply transformational application of the principles of alignment, kinesiology, purification, ethics, devotion, study of the Self, and surrender to God for the purpose of healing and lifting of consciousness. There is no greater purifier and healer than Self knowledge.

Designed to expand the understanding of how Yoga affects the physical body and how the practices and techniques can be specifically applied for healing or relief for various injuries, conditions and diseases, students will experience practical, applicable and useable tools and practices to take into the yoga classroom and during home practice. Each weekend of the training allows for deep concentration on specialized areas of the body with a focus upon common injuries, misalignments and yogic methods of attaining and maintaining balance in the body and mind. The mind is the origin of all disease and tension and the tool for its healing. As part of the program, students will conduct a case study upon themselves using the fundamentals of yoga therapy to heal and correct an injury or imbalance in the body and mind. This will include guided daily personal practice of yama and niyama, asana, pranayama, meditation and diet. Through the course of this program, students will learn the specific therapeutic fundamentals that restore proper function in joints and tissues to alleviate rotator cuff injuries, SI joint pain, hamstring tears, asthma, low, mid and upper back pain, TMJ dysfunction, carpal tunnel, sciatica, depression, anxiety, cancer, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, headaches, poor eyesight, cold and sinus issues and knee, foot and ankle issues.

Hatha yoga may be learned by practicing yoga postures and breath control without any knowledge of anatomy. However, in many cases, incorrect practice can aggravate a practitioner’s existing medical condition or it can actually create new ones. A practitioner who learns yoga without an understanding of anatomy and physiology may become very adept at understanding their own body, but may not be able to relate to the individual differences in other people’s bodies. This training is designed for teachers and students who wish to deepen their own practice but also grow in their capacity to help serve and aid others. Health is your natural state, constantly trying to be revealed. The more we remove the obstacles from this free flow expression of health, the better able we are to come in contact with and rest within the Real Self.

2018 Course Dates

  • January 12-14
    February 16-18
    March 16-18
    April 20-22
    *Deadline for application is
    November 1, 2017

Class Schedule

  • Friday 6pm-8:30pm
    Saturday and Sunday 7:15am - 4:45pm


The fee for this course is $1475, paid in full at the time of application.

If you prefer incremental payments, you may instead pay $500 at the time of application, plus three payments of $350 for a total of $1550.

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Course Curriculum
Meditation for Healing Detailed Anatomy of Body Systems Common Conditions, Injuries, and Diseases
Pranayama for Conditions Benefits of Yoga Therapeutics Anatomy of Pranayama
Observation & Alignment Student Teaching Therapeutic Fundamentals
Yoga Anatomy Teacher Training Manual Yoga Philosophy The Art of Breathing
Yama and Niyama Mantra Yoga Purification
Course Requirements
Prerequisites for this training are that you have completed a basic teacher training program and that you understand the core yoga poses (standing, sitting, forward bends, backbends, inversions, and restoratives).
If you are not a certified yoga teacher but believe your foundation and knowledge of yoga is strong, we will consider on an individual basis whether this program is appropriate for you.
You will be required to complete reading assignments before the training program begins. A vegetarian diet and freedom from drugs and alcohol are required during the program.

Upon completion of the program, students will be issued a certificate in 150 hours of Yoga Anatomy study.

To be eligible for this certificate students must attend all training sessions, complete assigned readings, successfully pass the practical and written exams and complete a case study.

The case study will involve the student applying the sequences and information from the training for at least 30 days, documenting it and writing a 3-5 page paper with their findings.


Lakshmi Om is a beautiful example of living Yoga. Director of the ashram, she is also a direct disciple of Chandra Om. She has been studying and teaching at the ashram since 2003 and her teaching is an offering of gratitude to her Guru for all that she has been given. Lakshmi hopes to impart to all the essential qualities of compassion and unconditional love. She has been studying and working with the body, movement and healing for over 23 years. She has dedicated her life to the service of humanity.