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Teacher Training Programs

Welcome to our Yoga Teacher Training Programs page. Our trainings are designed for serious aspirants of the science of Yoga, including aspiring teachers, current teachers seeking continuing education, and those seeking to deepen their own Yoga practice. All of our courses are profound and intense opportunities for physical, mental and spiritual development.

Our Yoga trainings are based on the classical system of Yoga, encompassing the eight limbs and nine forms of Yoga. Our intention is to share the life changing and joyful spirit of Yoga with you while providing a systematic and comprehensive course in traditional Yoga. We offer the highest quality Yoga training programs anywhere in the world, and have trained thousands of students from across the United States, England, Prague, Italy, France, Australia, Liberia, Germany, Latvia, Israel, and Vietnam.

The study of Yoga is the study of Self and students lives are forever changed through the miraculous and beautiful teachings within the structure of our curriculum. Yoga is a life of self-discipline; as Yoga purifies, strengthens and balances the body and mind, the practitioner develops supreme health, self control and indescribable peace. As your practice deepens, the miraculous and ancient teachings of Yoga flourish.

These soul stirring training courses reveal the true purpose of Yoga to all participants: the purification of character and conduct and the cleansing of one’s physical and mental nature, wherein the highest state of reality and truth may shine undiminished. The Universal principles of spiritual disciplines can elevate the seeker into God communion for all eternity. This is the goal of Yoga. Reduce your needs and wants. Lead a happy and contented life. Never hurt the feelings of others. Be kind to all. Think of God as soon as you get up in the morning and all day long.

Om Shanti Om

Maha Sadhana with Chandra Chandra teaching Chandra teaching