Yoga Basics Sessions

Yoga Basics Classes

Yoga for Caregivers with Leslie
Saturday, November 18 - 1:00pm - 3:00pm

In our lives we may play the role of caregiver in many capacities - parent, grandparent, sibling, friend. It may be at times of birth, death, happiness, sadness, illness or injury. But often we are not sure how to help others in the best way possible. In this workshop we will cover techniques and principles from the science of yoga that help us to become more effective caregivers including meditation, breathing, prayer, relaxation, and visualization. We will help teach you how to lose any fear of the sick and dying and how to cultivate compassion and unconditional love for all beings. You will understand the importance of first being your own caregiver to be able to support others. We will also explore using the power of faith and love in caring for others and their power in healing. All levels welcome. No experience necessary.