Guided Meditations for Divine Perception

Guided Meditations for Divine Perception

By Chandra Om

Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations for Divine Perception is the second collection of Guided Meditations with Chandra. Three beautiful and deeply powerful meditations to still and concentrate the mind.

Meditation is the door opener to the infinite realm of Cosmic Consciousness. A sincere spiritual seeker meditates to realize the Ultimate Reality, their true spiritual nature. A person who has realized the true Self becomes the true Self, abiding as the true Self. That is the highest state.

The spiritual purpose of life is to lead the individual soul to the ecstatic communion with the Beloved Divine. Concentration will lead to meditation, which will lead to Divine Perception when the heart of the aspirant is pure and noble. A true practitioner (Sadhaka) will succeed in their practice under the guidance of the Guru. Many these days equate Yoga with the practice of a few postures and breathings. This is not sufficient for spiritual progress.

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