Book: Raja Yoga

Raja Yoga
Yoga Sutra of Patanjali

Translation and Commentary by Chandra Om

Raja yoga lays out in applicable and concise order the practical path of sadhana. The nature of the mind and its successful control; the obstacles the aspirant may encounter and the methods to overcome them; the necessary virtues to be cultivated and the vices to be abandoned; the disciplines of practice and detachment; and the nature of the stages and progression in the ascent from individual consciousness to the emergence of the Self. Chandra Om’s profound and relatable commentary leads the reader through the explanation of each sutra, unveiling the systematic approach for the removal of the barriers to the Self.

Raja Yoga

An excerpt from Raja Yoga; Yoga Sutra of Patanjali:

The ascent of the individual soul along the radiant summit of the experience as the Absolute is arduous and circuitous. The cultivation of discrimination and discernment is indispensible. Discernment between the Self and the non-self is experienced in the hush silence of meditation, born of a mind beyond agitations. When the false self gets utterly unbound, and the activities and misperceptions of the mind caused by it come to an end, then, by discerning between the real and the unreal, the Supreme Self, the substratum for the ever changing phenomenal world, is found.

Therefore, the wise yearn for and work ceaselessly towards freedom, abandoning all misconceptions and false identities. With the self transformed from intent on the ego, individuality and personal desires, the student soon becomes established in the ever blissful, fearless reality of the Self. This transformation of character and individualism is the essence of yoga. As long as the Infinite Self is masked by the false superimposition of name, form and desire, the nature of the true Self cannot be perceived.

The treasure of the Self lies just beyond personal ideas and desires. As the selfish personality is systematically abandoned, the all pervading, unlimited Consciousness shines forth by its own light. There is in reality, no pilgrimage to be made, but only an efficient and orderly dismantling of the mirage of the subjective/objective experience of the Self, which is, by its own nature, eternally pure and perfect. The realization that distinctions only come to life through delusion results in the end of desires and the experience of the perfection of the Self.

The essence of raja yoga is the concentration of the agitated mind and its ultimate transcendence. In the same manner the scientist concentrates all the power and vitality of their mind into one object to uncover its elemental, worldly secrets, similarly, the yogi concentrates the powers of the mind into the quest of the ultimate truth. The secret of secrets supreme, which puts an end to all sorrows, even while in the body. The more the mind is concentrated, the more the secrets of the mind are uncovered. As the mind is turned back on itself, the subtle impulses, urges and impressions that color our perceptions of the world are conquered and rather than being under the enslavement of the mind and its inherent misperceptions, the yogi of wisdom achieves the undisturbed mental tranquility in even the most disturbing conditions. The imperfect becomes perfect, the finite becomes infinite and the mortal passes into the eternal life of blessedness. Transcending the bondage of sorrow and death, the self luminous witness of all, shines unobstructed through the veil of the soul.

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