Divine Art of Nature Cure

The Divine Art of Nature Cure

by Chandra Om

Nature cure is a system of healing based on the understanding that the body is made of five elements and is maintained and sustained by these same five elements. Natural therapies treat imbalances by removing the causative factors, not merely the acute symptoms. Following simple, rational and fundamental natural laws, nature cure reveals the irrefutable logic that the cause of all disease is rooted in straying from nature and that disease is merely the body’s attempt to will itself back to health. Thus, a simple and intelligent application of treatments can effectively treat all human ailments without drugs or artificial means. It is, without question, the most effective system of therapeutics in existence.

Chandra Om is without question, a remarkable and gifted healer. People travel from all over the world to receive treatment at her ashram, all with incredible and complete results. Her ashram and nature cure center treat every malady known to man.

Nature Cure

An excerpt from The Divine Art of Nature Cure::

Nature is forever unassailable and speaks plainly and clearly should we choose to listen. The “voice” of nature is in fact the “voice” of God, eternally true and clearly perceived through our innate instinct, organs of sense and conscience. It is when we are peacefully living in accord with nature that we heed the voice of nature, following the logical rhythms and precepts of all creation, intuitively knowing what is harmful and what is healthy. Nature speaks intelligibly and offers her secrets and methods of cure. We need only respect nature in all areas of living and bring ourselves into harmonious relation with water, light, air, earth and all living beings as originally designed. This of course also includes the food which nature gives us. Over the years we have seen countless people come to the Ashram and under the guidance of Chandraji, be healed of all maladies, however serious or terminal.

In presenting this book to the public, our intention is to provide a useful manual where a natural protocol and remedy may be found for every ailment that afflicts humanity. Sickness has become an inevitable expectation for many, yet the reverse is true. Disease is not an entity, but a state. Health and disease are not distinct from one another, but merely varying states of health. Supreme health is a matter of careful living. We can recover from all disease and live happily should we only enter into full harmony with nature and live a pure life. As God, in the varying and glorious forms of nature, speaks softly and intuitively to us, should we choose to listen, we are quite easily led to natural choices and soon recover health and happiness. The most intimate communion with nature can indeed be reestablished safely and easily under the guidance of a proper healer.

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