Bhagavad Gita (Translation by Chandra Om)

Bhagavad Gita

Translation by Chandra Om

Gita Cover

In all the spiritual literature of the world there is no book so elevating and inspiring as the Bhagavad Gita. Chandra’s profound and relatable translation leads the reader through all 18 chapters of this ancient text in a thoroughly engaging and understandable way.

Symbolizing the eternal struggle between the spiritual and material in each of us, the Gita embodies the clear solution to every challenge faced on the spiritual battlefield of self-development. Inspiring and timeless, the central teaching of the Gita is the liberation from the illusion of separation from God to a direct experience of our unity with God, while performing our duties in the material world.

As we learn to act without attachment to results and undertake our actions as a means of glorifying God through our equipment, we transform our false identities with name, race, gender, age, nationality and such while simultaneously serving humanity. Recognizing that humanity is in reality, nothing but God, as we serve humanity in a spirit of selflessness, we serve the very source of all creation.

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