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About the Ashram

Shanti Niketan Ashram is a non-sectarian spiritual center dedicated to preserving and disseminating the sacred science of classical, lineage based yoga. Founded by Chandra Om, the ashram is based in the teachings of Vedanta, which teaches that every soul is divine and one need only develop the human nature through love, purity, selfless service, compassion and self inquiry to allow this innate Divinity to unfold and flourish. This transformation is the mission of the ashram. We carry out this mission through our retreat programs, workshops, weekly public classes, lectures, satsangs, kirtans and publication of books, pamphlets and devotional recordings.

The ashram has always served as a haven of refuge for persons in distress, disappointment, grief, friendlessness and despair. Countless souls have come here for peace and solace. Such people rest and recover at the ashram and return in a better condition to face their problems and situations. No distressed person is ever turned away without assistance. Through the years, people from all walks of life have come seeking the true purpose of life and the various means of attaining this goal.

Inspired by the ideals of renunciation and service, the monastic and lay devotees of the Shanti Niketan Ashram work to serve humanity through educational work, health services, food and clothing relief, counseling and publications. The ashram is a true sanctuary of peace and natural beauty. The setting is so alluring and captivating that all physical and mental ailments are forgotten for a moment, and there appears to be a standing invitation by the natural surroundings for periodical visits by people from all walks of life for recoupment and conditioning of both body and mind. Added to this is the healing balm of a place for retreat from daily life to study and practice yoga and meditation in its many aspects. The secluded landscape consists of tranquil gardens, woodland paths, 2 streams and a rich variety of birds and animals. The natural beauty makes the perfect setting for yoga studies, inviting us to pause for a moment and turn inward.

The ashram, a 501c3 nonprofit, is dedicated to working for harmony and fellowship among all religions, faiths and traditions, upholding unflinching ideals of truth and non-violence, and providing and promoting authentic yoga training. A haven of peace for students seeking a temporary retreat from the world, we also offer extensive training for women who are called to the monastic path. Shanti Niketan Ashram offers spiritual instruction through correspondence, and provides humanitarian services through numerous community outreach programs.

Our Mission

The mission of Shanti Niketan Ashram is to stimulate and foster the growth of all aspirants through the classical system of yoga, without any modern alterations or dilutions to the science. As a spiritual home for uninterrupted sadhana, sincere students are trained in yoga to carry forth the message of peace, unity, goodwill, spiritual sisterhood and the realization of the oneness of Spirit. The basis of this institution is adherence to the triple ideal of truth, non violence and purity.

An ideal center of perennial peace, bliss and joy, Shanti Niketan Ashram offers a unique experience to those who want to find peace and wish to expand their consciousness. The services and activities of the ashram form a vehicle for the expression of the spiritual aspirations of seekers and become a venue for manifesting in practical life the broad based inclusive ideal of the Oneness of God, the sisterhood of creation and the immortality of the soul. Shanti is the Sanskrit word for peace. Niketan means abode or dwelling. An Ashram is a spiritual home. Shanti Niketan Ashram therefore, is a home dedicated to peace.

We disseminate spiritual knowledge through yoga courses and training programs designed for attaining Self-realization. These universal teachings embody a complete philosophy and way of life for achieving health and well being. The natural beauty and devotional vibrations of the ashram create the perfect setting for yoga, encouraging students to work for the attainment of spiritual evolution through service and Sadhana and enthusiastically utilize one's life for attaining worthier ends--public service with a selfless spirit.

Sincere seekers of all backgrounds are welcome at the ashram. Under the guidance of Chandra Om, students cultivate the knowledge and qualities fundamental for a life of service to humanity, and work to realize the One eternal truth which underlies all faiths. These trainings prepare students to carry forth the authentic teachings of classical yoga.

Our Aims and Ideals

The objectives, aims and ideals of the ashram are broad and universal. An all embracing, all inclusive institution, truth, love and purity are its basis.

  • To operate a residential ashram in a wholly humanitarian and non-sectarian manner, upholding the classical teachings of vedanta.
  • To provide and promote authentic yoga training.
  • To offer a haven for those who seek a temporary retreat from the world.
  • To teach that each soul is Divine and that the purpose of life is to realize this Divinity.
  • To work for harmony and fellowship among all religions, faiths and traditions.
  • To uphold unflinching ideals of truth and non-violence.
  • To provide selfless service to humanity.
  • To provide monastic training of women.
  • To give spiritual instruction through correspondence.
  • To give every possible aid to all sincere seekers.

Visitors to the ashram may participate in the daily program of the ashram.
Visits must be arranged in advance and are subject to approval by the Director.

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