by Chandra Om

Om Lords Brahma Vishnu and Shiva Om

The vast universe is a vibration of sound. When Brahma first manifested in name and form, the Creator (birthless, deathless Brahman) had only one word as its symbol, Om. Om (Aum) represents the phenomenon of all sound in the manifested universe.

Om is the Yogi’s symbol of God. As Om is one with God, the divinely given Mantras are various symbols and expressions of the individual, manifested aspects of the Creator. Mantra is Divine power, manifesting as Sound.

Every Mantra has a Rishi who gave it to the world. Through devotion, sincerity, faith, and repetition, the Yogi absorbs the vibration, force, and influence of the manifested form of God charged within the Mantra.

Mantra is a prayer, which creates a specific mental state, and eventually a physical result. All mantras are psycho-spiritually charged, the syllables creating a precise rhythm, which awakens the hidden power within the Mantra.

Some Mantras are for protection, some for awakening spiritual sight, some for wisdom, some for health, and so on. The Yogi is concerned solely with the Moksha Mantras, the liberating Mantras for Self-realization.

From the Kathopanishad

The goal which all the Vedas speak of, which all penances proclaim and wishing for which they lead the life of a Brahmacharin, that goal I will briefly tell thee—it is Om.

The Guru instructs the sincere student in the practice of the Mantra. Through the combined blessing of the Guru and the constant practice of the Mantra by the Sadhaka the beneficial potency within the Mantra is released. The thought waves which transmit the Mantra are far superior in terms of their speed and their effectiveness to any communication in the gross physical realm.

The Mantra evokes a specific vibration in the astral field, and when done with great faith, concentration, and devotion, accelerates liberation. Mantra purifies and awakens qualities within the Sadhaka and bestows peace and immortality. The activated thoughts of the Preceptor generate spiritual vibrations, materializing in very specific results. The Mantra permeates the physical and astral planes and penetrates the very atoms of creation.

Mantras should be learned from the Guru, as all Mantras are charged through initiation. Mantra must be practiced with sincerity of heart, purity, and consistency. Face the East or North while doing Mantra. Be regular in time and place. Concentration in the Mantra is key. Merge with the Mantra, thinking of God and do not allow the mind to wander. Mantra brings unique and special results and cultivates clarity, virtue, tranquility, contentment, vairagya, and purity.

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