Live Food Vegetarian Diet and Supreme Health

Live Food Vegetarian Diet and Supreme Health

Your food shall be your medicine, and your medicine shall be your food.

~ Hippocrates

This most basic and fundamental declaration is more applicable today than ever, as we look around at the growing rate of diabetes, heart disease, depression, joint disease, cancer and innumerable stomach and digestive conditions.

The term “live food” refers to foods that have not been heated to the point where the inherent enzymes (the real nutrition inside any food) are destroyed. Eating a diet containing a high percentage of live food (80-100%) has been proven to eradicate innumerable conditions and diseases.

Eating a diet containing all or a high percentage of live food means that a person is consuming food that has all its nutrients intact, including the enzymes and most importantly, the etheric body of the living cells inside the food. It also means that the person is avoiding or reducing exposure to the harmful substances that are produced when food is cooked.

Dead cells do not polarize light and the color display is distinguished. The minerals of live food act as magnets, holding the sun’s energy, filling our bodies with sunlight. When you eat food, it disintegrates, and in the process of disintegration, all the energy is released in the form of vibrations, and it is released into the body systems. It is this energy which you use while you perform various types of physical and mental activities. And while you perform various activities, the inherent energy inside the live, enzyme rich food is released.


By chemical process through the energy of the sun, the remaining four Elements: Air, Ether, Water and Earth, are transformed into a solid form of fruits and vegetables, an orange, a watermelon, a pineapple, etc. And when you eat those things, the energy is released in the process of digestion, and this recharges your system. What happens when the food you eat is a dead food, dead in the sense that it does not release any energy in your system? It has already been released before you ate it. As you cook the food, the life elements are released into the atmosphere. All the food values have been lost and the food is dead.

A lot of energy is needed on the part of the body to get rid of that food. So, instead of that food charging your system with the energy, it takes the energy out of you. So, the food must be alive.

Energize the mind and body with yoga. Practice asanas, deep breathing, meditation and prayer. Develop more and more awareness of the spiritual nature of the human being through the study of the scriptures and works of the ancient wise ones. Stay in the company of those persons that have achieved this.

Kill neither men, nor beast, nor yet the food which goes into your mouth. For life comes only from life!

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