Compassion and Moral Accountability

Compassion and Moral Accountability


Where is our Karuna, our compassion? What is happening to our hearts?

If you have once seen a picture of a young seals being killed for their fur, you will never wear a fur again. In the same way, if you saw how the animals die in slaughterhouses, you would never want to eat meat again. Just because the killing is done by someone else, does not mean that the karma (the responsibility) is not yours. You are contributing to their actions, and you share in their karma.

by Swami Satchidananda

We interpret that as thou shall not murder—meaning our fellow human beings. You can kill animals but you can not kill a person because that is "murder". If you kill a man, you are taken to court for that. But there is always God's court. He puts us into bodily "prison" by creating problems in our own systems.

Whatever we do to other living beings comes back to us. That is Nature's Law. Nobody can save us from that. What you sow you have to reap. Instead of eating animals, we should learn to love them, or even use them for good purposes, but not to kill them and eat them. When you die you have a graveyard somewhere. But, when they die, where is their graveyard? In your stomach.

We say we want a loving world, a peaceful world, but we can not cultivate that love if negative vibes get into us. One way we can bring negative vibrations is into our food. Whatever we eat, should be a product of love. Killing another being is not a love offering.

A great South Indian Saint Thiruvalluvar says: "If a person refrains from killing to eat, such a one will be worshiped by all the creatures of the world". It is true. Even a wild dog will wag his tail at you. The animals will feel that you are a non-violent person.

So eating the products of violence brings a violent vibration to the mind. You are what you eat. Forget that not. Your food should be a gift of love because the vibrations which comes from the food affect us.

Suppose tomorrow all the butchers were to say: "We are not killing for your sake anymore. If you want to eat an animal, you kill it." How many of you are ready to bring a lamb into your kitchen-the mother holding one leg, the father holding another, the son cutting it open while it screams and yells in pain, its blood splashing everywhere, all the fecal matter coming out-and then clean up all the blood and filth, cut it up and eat it? When it is all wrapped up in nice cellophane, with no blood, no smell just sitting in the supermarket case, then it seems all right to you.


When people kill the animal themselves, seeing their blood and hearing their cries, eventually their hearts forget to be compassionate. They no longer see the pain they are causing. Some so called compassionate people think: "If you chop their heads quickly, before they even realize that they are going to die, it is humane." That is not so. Even miles away, hours before the slaughter they know. You do not have to see them, nor do they have to see you. It is direct thought transference. They know that someone is coming to kill them.

We hear of many organizations dedicated to saving pets. Members will go to court to save the life of a cat. Yet, those same people will kill hundred of calves and cows for their parties. What is the difference between the cat's life and the cow's life? Everyday so many animals are killed for food.

We are destroying the hearts and souls of millions of animals. We think that we can get away without facing the karma for this, but we cannot.