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Donating to Shanti Niketan Ashram

Thank you for supporting the spiritual mission of Shanti Niketan Ashram.
Our work is funded solely by your generosity and we are deeply grateful for your contribution.


All donations (for which products or services are not provided to the donor) are acknowledged with a receipt suitable for tax purposes. Below are various methods of payment possible for your donation.

Monetary donations may be made online, by mail or in person.

Online: You may make a onetime or recurring donation. Please choose from the following options:

  • Clicking the Donate button below allows you to use your credit card or paypal account to make a donation online.
  • Monthly donations are an easy way to give, and they provide a secure base for all our existing and future programs.

The Ashram also accepts (and provides receipts for) Gifts-in-Kind (food, equipment, vehicles, furniture, etc.), but please contact the Ashram first before making such a donation.

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The Shanti Niketan Ashram is a nonprofit (501c3) spiritual organization. Like all such organizations, its existence depends solely on the generous donations of its members and friends. Your tax-deductible contributions help us continue to share with the greater community our mission of service and conduct our humanitarian and educational programs. These efforts are only possible through the generosity of people like you. Your donations are so important and contributions from residents of the USA are tax deductible. Deductible donations may be made through monetary gifts or property, and under special arrangements through trusts.

100% of all donations go directly towards the work and mission of the Ashram. All activities of the Ashram are carried out by volunteers, and no one receives any salary or monetary payment. You can be certain that all of your donation goes directly for the work and mission of the Ashram and for the dissemination of spiritual knowledge.

Thank you so much. Your loving support and help are needed, and very much appreciated.

God bless you. Om Shanti.