Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

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Maha Sadhana

Although yogic exercises may be compared to physical culture exercises, they differ from them in many ways. They are not intended to develop large muscles, nor are they aimed at merely disciplining the body. Yoga teaches in easy, simple steps the control of the mind, thought and the entire body through Self-study and Self-knowledge. The Yoga Poses are just a preparation for the practice of meditation.

All of our classes are based on the continuous practice and teachings of Classical Yoga. Shiva Namaskar Vinyasa series is a stairway to bliss that reintegrates the continuous flow of prana (cosmic energy) through the spinal column, and emanates deep into all areas of the physical, metabolic, intuitive, and bliss body. It promotes harmony within all layers, so an integrated state of radiant health is achieved.

The progression of postures flow in a uniquely challenging and physically absorbing manner. Using intense, yet non-strenuous exercises that are designed to twist, stretch, manipulate and gain control of the body, you will strengthen and tone the muscles, glands and internal organs. Weight problems and disease are gradually brought to an end. The postures are performed with slow graceful movements, so fantastic feelings of inner calm and self-control are felt immediately.

All classes are classical in nature with a meditative and flowing manner. Personal instruction is given. With regular practice, health & stamina are attained & Self-realization can easily follow.

Hatha I

Using a slower blend of vinyasa (flowing), this class moves through all the main postures, with a focus on correct alignment and ease of purpose to warm up the body, bring flexibility the all muscles and joints and strengthen the nervous system. Pranayama (breathing) is incorporated into all the movements, so fantastic feelings of inner calm are felt. We emphasize practicing in a relaxed manner and feeling content during the practice. This practice ends with deep relaxation, breathing and meditation to remove impurities and bring a sense of well-being to the body and radiant peace to the mind.

Hatha I & II

More challenging than a Hatha I class, with the next phase of postures and their variations from Hatha I being introduced, in a vinyasa (flowing) style. Geared for students at all levels, though a familiarity with the basic standing poses is recommended.

Hatha III

Level III Hatha is for intermediate to advanced students who would like to learn deeper progressions of the basic poses including backbends, inversions, deep hip and shoulder openers and forward folds. This class is a good preparation or accompaniment to Maha Sadhana.

Maha Sadhana

Master classes for intermediate-advanced students. These amazing sessions begin with spiritual purification practices and continue with in-depth and challenging Shiva Namaskar Vinyasa Advanced Posture Series, a challenging and physically absorbing Hatha practice, including Mantra, Purification, Pranayama, Meditation, Deep Relaxation and Yogic Philosophy, all steeped in the classical tradition. Personal attention and help are given throughout the session as well as direction toward to true goal of Yoga. This is an advanced practice, not for beginners.


Satsang is a traditional spiritual gathering in which the teacher imparts the teachings of Self-realization through holy discourses, scriptural readings, kirtan and answering student’s direct questions. As the practices influence the student's thoughts positively, the seeker can then begin to clear the negative thoughts and lead a life of rapid spiritual progress. Satsang clears the doubts and awakens true heartfelt devotion.

Gentle Yoga

A slow moving posture sequence, which will gently flow through one's muscles, bones and joints. Your body and mind will be trained to work with and through any discomforts or injuries in a natural healing manner. You will feel very calm, relaxed and meditative as you progress through the session. This class is especially beneficial for those returning from illness or injury, seniors, pre-natal, and those just wishing to enjoy moving slowly. All levels welcome.

Restorative Yoga

A gentle, deeply relaxing practice ideal for recovery from injury or illness, stress reduction, to complement an active practice or simply renew the mind, body and spirit. You will learn how to incorporate props such as blankets, bolsters and blocks. We will use the breath to assist you in restoring and letting go in the asanas. This class will enhance any type of class you attend. All levels welcome.

Seniors Yoga

A slower posture sequence designed especially for seniors which will gently flow through one's muscles, bones, and joints. You will gain strength, balance and flexibility, incorporating the breath and mind to help enhance feelings of calmness. Deep relaxation helps to develop serenity and peace allowing you to feel perfectly content. This class offers seniors a more challenging practice than the gentle weekly class.

Prenatal Yoga

A wonderful class designed for ladies in all stages of pregnancy. You will learn techniques such as breathing for concentration and balancing of the nervous system. In each class we will focus on asana to stretch, strengthen and relax the body, followed by deep relaxation. The class ends with concentration and meditation techniques to foster an inward focus, connection with the baby, and the inner Self for deep feelings of peace and ease.

Mom & Baby

A class for postpartum moms and babies up to crawling age. This sweet and loving class is designed to help stretch and strengthen Mom's changing body, bring peace and bonding between mother and child, and help to develop baby's strength and motor skills.

Children's Yoga

A healthy way to promote exercise, relaxation and focus. Classes are taught with breathing, meditation and asanas (poses) appropriate for children to strengthen their mind, body and spirit. Children are welcome to move, laugh, and enjoy the benefits of these weekly yoga classes! Parents may enjoy the grounds during the classes.

Teen's Yoga

A healthy way to promote exercise, relaxation and focus. Classes are taught with breathing, meditation and asanas (poses) appropriate for teens to strengthen their mind, body and spirit. This class will also offer techniques for stability of teenage emotions and enhance any current activities teens are involved in. All levels of teenagers are welcome to attend. Ages 10-18.