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We offer a diverse schedule of different levels of practice. Each level is designed to help you bring vigor and vitality back to the body and open the mind for higher understanding. We have classes to suit beginning students, advanced students, those in rehabilitation or those who have been away from their practice and need some inspiration.

Mata Saraswati

Class Fees

Student Information

  • Please arrive early to all classes. All classes begin and end promptly.
  • Be prepared to practice barefoot with loose/stretchy comfortable clothes for all classes.
  • Mats and props are provided, although owning your own mat is strongly recommended.
  • For your comfort do not eat a large meal 2 hours prior to a class.
  • Please do not wear heavy cologne, perfume, essential oils or large jewelry to class.
  • If you have a heart condition or any other serious ailment, please let your instructor know before class begins.