Aims and Ideals

Shanti Niketan Ashram
Aims and Ideals

As set forth by Chandra Om, Founder

Chandra Om founded the Shanti Niketan Ashram and framed its rules and regulations. She delineated the aims and ideals of the ashram, which are purely spiritual and humanitarian in nature and shall be universal and non-sectarian. The Ashram functions in accordance with the principles of Vedanta as expounded in scripture and traditional Yoga.

Our Aims and Ideals

To preserve and promote the classical teachings of Yoga, Bhakti, Vedanta and Karma Yoga without modification, alteration or dilution.

To impart and disseminate spiritual knowledge through programs, courses and trainings for the public and by publication of books, articles and recordings designed solely for attaining direct personal experience of God.

To practice and preach the universality of eternal religion, as embodied and exemplified in the lives and teachings of Saints of all religions.

To teach that each soul is potentially Divine and that the purpose of life is to manifest this Divinity through self effort and control of the lower nature, both external and internal.

To teach that God-realization is the goal of life.

To work for the harmony and fellowship among all religions, faiths and traditions, realizing the One eternal and universal truth underlying them all.

To provide and promote authentic Yoga training based in Vedanta, and help sincere and deserving students with support and training to disseminate the teachings of Yoga in the most spiritual and effective manner.

To uphold the unflinching ideals of truth and non-violence.

To worship God through service to humanity.

To provide monastic training of women who have decided to take the vows of Brahmacharya and dedicate themselves to Self-realization and the propagation of the universal principles of Vedanta.

To give spiritual instruction through correspondence.

To give every possible aid to all sincere seekers.