These testimonials and sincere expressions of devotion are from disciples and other students who have studied with Chandra, who have found a haven at the School, in the teachings of classical Yoga and in the guidance and love of Chandra. Chandra is a supreme example of true Yoga, and the effect she has on her students is tremendous.

Preparing for Class with Chandra Chandra Om Teacher Training Group

Reading these words of devotion and gratitude, the heart opens to divine inspiration.

Dear Chandra-10 years ago today, I began your yoga teacher certification program. Since that day, I haven't missed a day of practice. I have passed the years 60-70 in the best health and spirits, due in large part, I belieive, to the practice you gave us. I want to thank you for that wonderful gift. Betsy
Your Yoga center was my first encounter with true yoga and it really shaped my practice and understanding of yoga as a way of life. I can honestly say that the sanctuary of yoga saved my life. Eternal thanks.
Thank you so much! The North Carolina School of Yoga is exactly what I have been searching for on my spiritual path. I find the yoga classes, teachers and sacred space invaluable.
I recommend this center to anyone interested in the true spirit of yoga. The teachers are unbelievable!
The results of the meditation class are amazing for me. It defies explanation. I love you.
Beloved Chandra,
I can never thank you enough for today. you left me with feeling so much joy and such a peace in my heart like i have never felt before in my whole life. it felt like i have entered something new and beautiful beyond words. i love you from my whole heart and i am so grateful to you. it is all like a miracle that I can't fully believe.
Dearest Chandra,
Thank you for blessing me with your presence in my life. I was honored to pass through the Teacher Training as your student and am grateful that you took me on. Also, I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve you and God by teaching. It is a miracle. Words cannot express how inadequate I feel, but I know that with your assistance, I will serve as I am meant to, in many unexpected ways. Chandra, I've said to many people...I've never seen yoga taught at this level and with such heart. Thank you so much for the opportunity. I owe success to you and appreciate your strength. Your loving student, Mel
Beloved Chandra, You are the greatest treasure of my life.
Beloved Chandra and all the Teachers and Family at NC School of Yoga,
Deepest gratitude to you for allowing the nourishing bounty of spiritual knowledge to flow through you. What a blessing to learn the science of Yoga in such a traditional, reverent setting. Thank you Chandra, for faithfully sharing the wisdom. Thank you Chandra, Lakshmi, Ganesh, Padma and all the others for embodying selfless kindness—so rare and sweet. Often, the sanctity of the training stunned me to silence, and in that silence was transformation. So, I am dedicated to honor the teachings and serve—however I am meant to—even as I remain a humble student. All love, Om Shanti, Amanda Roop
Dearest Chandra~I want to thank you from the deepest place in my heart for your generous warmth and kindness in welcoming me to your Shala. Thank you for your patience, your instruction and adjustments to my asana practice. I had recently begun to feel slightly desperate in my life as I floated like a dandelion seed on air currents, searching for a spiritual home....a place to gently settle, take root and grow. Your compassion and discipline-infused shala is the perfect place for fertile spiritual growth and I am so tremendously grateful for your presence in North Carolina. Om Shanti~Mara Healy
My Beloved,
No words can express the joy and awe that fills my heart at the thought of all the blessing you have so generously bestowed up all who come in your Divine presence. Slowly I am learning what love really means. Thank you for being so generous with your Self and showing all such a powerful spiritual example. When ever there is confusion You shine light, where ever there is fear you lend your hand with patience that never ceases. Thank you for you time today.
Om Om
your devoted student
I wanted to let you know I attended my first class at the North Carolina School of Yoga and already things are clearer! At first I thought Raleigh was a little far for me, because I live in Durham, but now I feel lucky that a place like this exists so close to me. I have been reading more on your website and listening to the interviews with Chandra Om. The class I took was the Gentle class on Sunday with Leslie, and I found it to be very meaningful. I asked two people in the lounge area for some help since it was my first time there, and the woman I spoke with was very welcoming and warm. On your website it says "welcome home"... It's so nice. Unlike other yoga places around, which are more inviting than a gym still feel like an exercise place to some degree. I'm really excited about coming to more classes there as much as possible.... and of course meeting Chandra Om. I am very grateful she will be "guiding my purification on my quest to become a yoga teacher" in the upcoming teacher training... This is wonderful! Sarah
I cannot thank you enough for bringing Chandra to Charlotte. And Charlotte should be very grateful. It turned out that I had to work Saturday but Friday alone was worth a million. I am going to write up something about Chandra’s visit for the folks on my email list. Chandra, an engaging personality, stated honest, raw, uncompromising yoga philosophy straight from the Upanishads, Yogasutras and Bhagavad-Gita. I know her physical prowess drew many people who would otherwise never have heard someone talk about real yoga. Thank you.
I just realized today while driving to the shala that the real reason which brought this body to Raleigh is to awaken the happily sleeping self. It is taking time, surrender and effort, but it is quite mind-blowing to see what God is preparing once you become able to see. om shanti om
Beloved Chandra, Thanking the Lord for your teachings and effort, and bow down to you in deep respect. Om Shantih
Dear Chandra,
I just wanted to thank you once again for spending time in Prague. You have been a complete inspiration to me and I’m sure many others who have had the honour of your presence these past two weeks. I also wanted to tell you what happened during my sleep last night. You finished the class last night by telling us to watch our dreams, well I listened to mine and a really weird thing happened. I woke up with the mantra for purification ringing in my head. It had been repeated over and over throughout my sleep. When ever i try and concentrate on something - it's there. I can't put into words how it makes me feel, but i like it. It's almost like i've been infected. I look forward to seeing you when you return to Prague. Enjoy the rest of your travels. Namaste, sooz
Chandra, I have never in my life met such an incredible and inspiring person such as yourself. In the last two months I have changed my life considerably with your teachings and am taking with me your vast knowledge you have so generously imparted on me. I have begun to lead a very yogic existence to it's fullest and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love, warmth and special attention you have given this class of 2006. I will never forget you!
Hello Chandra,
I hope you are well. Thanks so much for the wonderful practice last night and just everything you do to enhance my practice and teachings. I wanted to just let you know how important the Friday night practice is to me. It has made such a difference in my body and especially my mind. Your teachings and my practice have really enhanced my teachings with my students. I hear you in my teachings all the time. In my heart you are my teacher and the only one I will practice under unless it's someone you taught at the school. Thanks Chandra so much for your time, energy and care. I wish you a beautiful day!
much love and peace, Leslie
Dear Chandra, I am transformed by your teachings. All love to you, Om Shanti Shanti Shanti, Sasha
Dear Chandra,
I hope this email finds you well. As my husband's return from Iraq approaches, I've gotten the impression that I should go back to TN pretty soon. I have an idea of when he's supposed to be back, but the date can change at the drop of a hat, so I need to be there just in case it's earlier than I thought. While I'm so excited for his homecoming, I am also sad that I won't be able to practice with you at the Shala. You have been so wonderful and patient with me, as you are with everybody. I just can't describe it in words really. I feel you'll always be with me though, I hope that's okay to say. I hope you will permit me to come back and study with you in the Advanced Studies program when he is deployed next time. Thank you so much again. Om Shantih
Dearest Chandra,
Thank you very much for your email. When I read it, I laughed out loud. At my confusion and complicated ways. Your email gave me joy, and helped lighten things up, with truth. It is so simple. I make things hard. Thank you for your patience and love. Class was beautiful last night. Om Shanti.
Beloved Chandra,
I just wanted to take a moment to send you a note of extreme gratitude. I remember in my first teacher training you speaking about constant practice and detachment will bring you much success in yoga and until this past year I didn't realize a lot of what that meant. I understood that constant practice would bring my body to new levels in yoga but I think the most important part for me that made such a huge difference was the detachment. My practice has really deepened through dedication and I feel the need everyday to practice inside me. Before it was so different. Now my day is not complete until I meditate, breath or do asana. You always speak of the students who are slower like a tortoise and I so agree with that because I see it in myself. In the beginning I battled with the thoughts of detaching myself from so many things and once they started to fall away my body, mind, heart and soul has just really opened. My detachment to fitness and the belief that I had to work out in a different way beside yoga was imperative in my thoughts. I let that go last year completely and what a relief to know and see the results happening in my body. Detaching myself from the birth control pill was another belief that was much deeper with me. I had been on the pill most of the time since my son's birth which was over 23 years ago. I gave that up last February after much debating with my ego. My ego kept me on that pill for no reason but dependence on being in control of my body. Even while not being in a relationship I still felt the need to be in control of that. Well that ego control has broken and my body and mind feels such a tremendous sense of relief. I have battled with sugar with that wonderful ego also. Last summer I gave most of it up and have really accepted the fact that there should have never been a war with it. In sharing my detachment stories with you I want you to know it was a slow process and sometimes hard but for the most it was easy because every battle, every lesson was from God and the knowledge you shared with me. Chandra, my beloved teacher, I can't thank you enough. My heart is so full of gratitude. Please share my story with anyone you feel needs to know. Please accept my thanks and my love. yours in gratitude and faith
Dear Chandra,
Many, many thanks for your lovely workshop last Sunday at Dharma's in NY. I had been feeling unteachable for awhile, as though my connections with significant guides had been reduced to serious self-study, without direct contact. Your presence is helping to nudge me out of an intense period of my life - teaching, teaching, teaching and studying purely on my own. A little voice in me rejoiced on Sunday: “I've found a teacher!” There's a lot of work to be done. I will see you in NY during Dharma's training this year. In love and gratitude.
Chandra, May all those belonging to you recognize your Grace and ever bow to you. May our identity with mind be burnt to ash and our bodies wrung out so that we are empty for you to pass through us unhindered. Chandra, may the senses be subdued so that only you are recognized. This seems the only way to abide in Love. May all hearts break open so that the Light may shine clearly. Om shanti shanti shantih
Dear Chandra,
I awoke this morning thinking of you, and wanted to tell you. I also wanted to thank you for continuing to teach me. Last night was restorative and helpful, with so many teachings. And I feel particularly blessed to have been present in the Monday night practice with so many dedicated students. Thank you for allowing one who is so new to be exposed to so much. I am finding joy in my life where it has never been before! Om Shanti
Beloved Chandra,
I have been thinking a great deal about many things in my practice. Like a flood gate opened once training ended. My mind plays so many tricks on me in all aspects of my practice. I have felt so far from you for so long but only to realize that you are with me always. My mind attached to things that are of no importance and only remnants of ego and pride. I am beginning to see about many things of which you speak-I feel very blessed because I know that my personality has not made this easy. I am grateful for all that you are and all that you do to serve all of your students. We are so blessed to have you. Om Shanti
I have been thinking of you a lot and I wanted to take a minute to say again that I am so grateful that you entered my life. I have been so at peace since I attended your classes and my whole world is better. Thank you.
Hello! This is Amanda from the 2005 teacher training. I am writing to express my thanks and gratitude towards you and your teachings. It has been two years but the experience still continues to enrich many of my life experiences. I cannot explain enough how awesome of an experience the training was and how grateful I am that I was able to complete the program ad acquire so much knowledge. I believe I have been able to help so many others through teaching yoga, because of the training I received through you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Thank you for reinforcing to us that God is the only reason we are here. I also want to thank you for leading us to many other positive life changes, (nutrition, non-violence, behavior, service, kindness, etc.) Changes that many of us (myself included) , may not have made on our own. I told someone recently that it was the best decision that I made for myself. You are so humble, and may not even realize how many people you touch in a positive way and I just wanted to offer you that recognition. I continue to practice the sequence you taught to us, and my practice continues to open and progress. I also feel that you prepared us in such an awesome and amazing way how to educate participants in our classes in such a safe and effective manner. I truly cannot thank you enough! It is amazing how so many things you told us back then, continue to enrich my teaching experiences. I wish you the best in everything and thank you again! Love, Amanda
Dear Chandra,
i taught my first class tonight at the school... it was such a wonderful experience.. i feel so blessed and grateful for having this opportunity.. to teach.. and learn from teaching.. and to help people.. i also realized how important is to keep practicing and purifying myself, so i can be a better help for others.. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.. with love, zita
Dear Chandra, Thank you for all of your help during and after the teacher training in New York. Learning from you is a privilege. Om Shanti
Dearest Guruji,
I love you so much and your words ever showing me the right direction. Thank you. My experience studying with you isn't able to be put into words.
In service to You. Om Om
my sweet Chandraji-
i wish you the happiest of days today on your birthday, and i celebrate in the blessing of the day of your human birth in this lifetime. our spiritual family is so lucky to have you as our spiritual mother and guide on our paths towards Self realization. i will forever be indebted to you for my awakening and my devotion to the Lord, and i thank you from the bottom of my heart for your teachings, love, guidance and friendship. may you be embraced by the love of our family today, and always. i have offered 100 malas in your name today to ease the world's suffering. yours always in service and devotion...
Hello Chandra,
I just wanted to send a special thanks to you for creating the Mantra CD. I purchased it yesterday and listened to it before I went to sleep last night. It is just absolutely amazing. Hearing your voice and the mantras I heard through my teacher training and in classes is just so special. Your voice sounds like you are so full of God! Tears of joy and pride came to my heart and eyes when hearing your voice and your heart and soul being poured out in this CD. I am so appreciative to have you as my teacher and your teachings as such a big part of my life. I am using the CD as my alarm to wake up so I can begin my day so serenely. Thanks so very much for putting the CD together and many thanks for sharing it with us. All love
dear chandra,
i have been thinking about you all the time. after the very meditative practice you taught before you left town i was filled with so much humility, and so much gratitude for all of your patient guidance. i want to thank you for so steadily guiding us, your students, towards our real selves, and especially for letting us know when we are getting off-track. you are a most beautiful example of living yoga, and it takes the most gentle yet strong leader to be able to do what you do for us. i bought your mere gurudev cd, and listened to it on the way home. i began to cry out of gratitude for you, and vowed to commit myself more to my practice - to try harder to make the right decisions and choose the right priorities. its not easy sometimes, but that is why it is so good to be around you, because around you it does seem easier, and things make more sense. i realized in the car, as i was listening to your beautiful voice, that the song was mere gurudev, the 4th song on the cd, and when i realized what this song was, it was not strange that it had evoked all these strong feelings in me. like the song says, i do want to give you the flowers of my faith. i love and respect you endlessly, chandra, and will continue to work to show you this through living yoga. with all my heart, jasmine
Dear Chandra,
I hope you remember me from Dharma’s TT in New York. You gave me your email address in case I have questions. I simply want to say to you that I feel blessed and honored that I met you and had an opportunity to be in your class. It deepened my understanding of yoga--the importance of Yama and Niyama. I read the Bhagavad Gita every day. I try to practice yoga every second, by checking my thoughts and my actions. I am so grateful.
Beautiful Chandra,
All love to you, dear one. May you work through me without meeting resistance. Om shanti.
My beloved Chandra,
I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for everything you have done for me over the past couple years. I know I tell you this often but please know I feel it so every waking moment in my heart and soul. I thank God everyday for you and I sincerely thank Dharma in my thoughts and prayers for bringing you to us. I am also so thankful for the spiritual family that you have created that has blessed my life in so many ways. I am very grateful for our new temple. I know our spiritual family made a lot of it happen but you are truly the core and the heartbeat of this family. You bring our awareness not only to our hearts but how to open our hearts to others in the right way. I have always felt such a great peace being near you,while practicing in the old temple and now being blessed with the new temple. I hear people stating all the time how serene they feel just by walking in and I know in my heart it is much more than pretty paint and a new wall. It is love, faith, devotion to God, our beloved teacher and our devoted students. My beloved Guru please know I am forever grateful with more than words could ever express. Please accept this in faith, devotion and love.
Om Shanti Shanti Shantih
Hello Chandra,
I just got back from teaching Friday night practice and I want to thank you. I want to thank you both for the experience and for your support. I have been crazy busy all week and did not have the opportunity to plan for the class. As the time approached for me to teach I just got more and more nervous almost to the point of a full-on freak out. As I was driving to the school I started thinking about how ironic it was to be this nervous about teaching a "yoga" class. When I finally got to the school I decided to hand it up to a higher power. I closed my eyes, thought of you and asked for your guidance. There is no doubt that you were there with me tonight. Carlos even said, "Wow, you remembered all of it. It was like a Monday night practice!". I just did what came to me. It was so much fun! I am at home and FULL of energy. I wish I had 2 1/2 hours for every class I taught! So, I want to renounce the fruit of my actions and thank you for your love. It was an experience I will never forget. I hope you are having a wonderful time in New York. I leave on Sunday and will not see you for a week...but I know that you will be with me. All my love, Brittny
Good morning Chandra,
I taught my first class last night and had an amazing experience and was so high from it I could barely get to sleep when I got home. I need to tell you that I feel like I could actually teach- - a thought I never would have imagined I'd have when I began the teacher training. I think the last training weekend was very instrumental in my having a better understanding as to what I needed to get across in a yoga class. And I believe I got the message. I felt so much love in the room. I was sending up prayers before class on the ride there and I truly believe this is why it was a packed room and there was a gentleman practicing in the lobby!! Anyway, I had an amazing time and when it was done I knew that God did it. And you. So I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love, Ellen
Chandra, I was thinking when coming back from the shala today that there is no better teacher or place out there for me... I am very happy and grateful to have found you and the shala community.
dear Chandra,
i just wanted to say thank you for talking to me the other day when i was upset. this morning i had a very bad morning at work, i made a mistake that i felt really silly about, and then i got stuck in the elevator by myself on the 4th floor and the police and maintenance men had to come pry me out. i was thinking about you while i was in the elevator, and how you would probably just be like, ‘oh well’, and sit down on the floor for some pranayama or something, so then i was fine.
sweet Chandraji-
i just got home from the school. it was a very humbling practice and very heart opening. i finished my meditation feeling very warm, and full of gratitude for all that i am blessed with. my path, the school, this community, and most of all my teacher. i feel so blessed with everything that has changed in my life in less then a year. i know you said on monday that none of it is because of you, that it's all because of Dharma. well if that's the case, i feel i owe gratitude to you, Dharma and most of all God for setting forth all that is behind me, all that is before me, and all that lays ahead. i am truly eternally thankful for you as my Guru. Yours in service of the Lord and with so much love
Dear Chandra-I just finished my first practice as an alumna of your training. In meditation, I was overwhelmed with the realization of how different I am now than I was 8 months ago, and with gratitude for all that you taught us. I heard your words yesterday and will try as best I can to use my training to help others
I want to thank you for Monday night's class. For starters, it wasn't like any other class I've taken. It definitely has a different vibe, a different energy to it. It was a very good class. I liked it a lot. I didn't feel out of place or out of sync. I just went with the flow. At the end of it i was just smiling, it felt peaceful. Then, when we lay down in 'Savasana', I had a revelation .... about my relation to God. I suddenly saw the similarity between myself and my daughter and God and myself. That's when i realized, He's watching over me, protecting me, but I have to fight my own battles, just like I would watch over my children but let them learn the way of life on their own. It gave me strength. Because until then I assumed He would change things for me, do the work for me. And suddenly it became clear to me. I thought to myself, maybe this is what Chandra was talking about. Of course, I had no idea what was coming next. And then we sit for meditation. Oh boy! I don't know what to say. While we were concentrating on repenting and thinking of a person, i had another revelation!!!! This just blew me away. I never expected to break down. I couldn't stop crying. The tears were just flooding ... I couldn't stop, it was like a damn that broke. I saw clearly what brought me to this state ... it was myself. We make our own life. All this time I was blaming people. I realized that even though others may be at fault, I didn't have to drive myself to insanity for it. Nothing is worth it. I decided to forgive and start over. As you said, spring is coming! And I'm ready for a new season, a new phase of my life! I thank you with all my heart for perceiving that this is what I needed. Love, Lavanya
Beloved Teacher,
2007 is almost over, and it's been probably the most exciting year in my life. I've finished the advanced studies with you, and had the incredible chance to deepen my yoga and study with you. Since I'm back in Germany, I'm still practicing the meditation and asanas I learned from you and to see God in everything. As you say, there's no time and space, and sometimes during my practice, Ii have the strong feeling to be right in the middle of the yoga shala. But other times, I'm struggling quite a bit with practicing by myself. There's a deep longing to come back and study with you. thinking a lot about you, praying for you. om shanti om, connie
Thank you for another amazing Monday night sadhana. I want you to know that you truly have an inspiring impact on my life. I was confronted with a slight dilemma this morning and it came to my mind..."what would Chandra do"? That might sound a little cliche but it truly helped me in coming to a decision that felt right with my heart. So thank you.
much love and GRATITUDE! -joanne
Hi Chandra -I just wanted to tell you what inspiring teaching you did last weekend. What I am learning from you is that age has nothing to with capacity for transformation, and that is the teaching wish to give to others in my time of life and beyond. love, Betsy
I have an interesting story for you, if you have a moment: This past weekend when you led the meditation on repentance, well, during the meditation I was focusing on someone in particular, but later that day I started thinking about this girl, who used to be really good friends with me. She came with me to Yogashala once, and when my mom lived here she always came to her classes. A couple years ago we had a strange falling out that I never really understood. She was upset with me about something, and after that rather unpleasant and even callous towards me. After that meditation I started thinking about how I never really even considered that I hurt her, because I didn't understand why she was upset, and she didn't accept any of my apologies, so I was defensive, really. Well, I thought about her all weekend, and was just wishing I could talk to her. I was planning to send her an email on Monday, in case she had the same email, and just try to take another step to make amends even though it has been so long. Well, I never emailed her yesterday because my car started malfunctioning and I got preoccupied, but at 3 in the morning, when i was asleep my phone rang, and it woke me up, and it was her. I haven't talked to her at all in about a year or so, it was strange! She said, "I was driving to a concert in chapel hill earlier tonight and I felt like I should be going to your house, and I realized I don't even know where you live anymore, and I was thinking about you all weekend, and I think about you all the time, and I know this is really random, and you are probably like what is this crazy girl calling me and waking me up for, but I would love to get together with you, and I am so glad you still have the same cell phone number." and I said, ‘its not random at all, I have been thinking about you, too!”
So we are planning to get together, and I just felt like sharing that with you as an example of how things have been for me recently, which is pretty amazing, and I think it is definitely a direct result of what is happening via the teacher training. I haven't felt this good or like myself in a long time, and I just, thank you, and I appreciate you introducing me to the girls that are your students... they are so sweet, I would love to know them better.
Hi Chandra, I've been thinking a lot about you lately and just wanted to connect! Life here in Prague is going really well! I'm doing my first yoga workshop on Saturday! I love you so much and I honor you often. I feel very strongly that your program was not only the best program for me - but is probably one of the finest programs in the U.S. But, you already knew that! Anyway, I just love you! Monica
Beloved Chandraji,
i awoke this morning with a melancholy feeling not knowing it's origin. i began my morning meditation practice with awareness of this feeling but not trying to change it or analyze it. i finished my meditation practice and put on some music and was listening to "rise up" and began sobbing. i don't know what it is about that song. i found myself in extended child's pose on my mat just bawling. i realized that the words of the song say it's all about love, but you need to rise up to this love, to the love of the Lord. it sounds so simple and easy, but this path can be hard. the love of God is always there but you need to break down your own ego to fully be aware of it and reap it's benefits. i felt you on my mat this morning and i know you say this over and over again, but it's mornings like today for me that put this right in my face. it's your teachings and guidance that bring me solace in knowing that this is all a process and that as my ego softens things will continue to come up and to simply sit in them. to surrender myself, to love God and to bring peace within myself by showing compassion for the rest of the earth. words can never express how grateful i am for you, for the school, for the community, for the love that i now have in my heart. i love you
Hi Chandra, Thank you for being my teacher. You literally radiate your inward love. You, through the grace of God have opened some beautiful doors for me. Love, Karen
thank you for a wonderful class last night. i am so happy to be taking on Friday nights as well. my time at the shala and with you is precious and i cannot tell you how much i cherish it. its the one time during the week where i seem to be able to truly let go of everything that does not matter. i continue to be grateful for your guidance and love.
Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Your information is very helpful. I have been using a lot of the information from the teacher training in my classes to offer modifications and options for students with physical issues. I am so grateful to have received such quality Yoga instruction from you.
Om Shanti, Lisa
I was just thinking last night that I get so happy coming to your class and the space that you have created. Even though I have loved "exercise" my whole life, before going to whatever form that took I always dreaded it. But that has never happened coming to the shala. I look so forward to seeing you and everyone. I know you hear this sooooo much, but thank you and I love you. Even though there are tears at times, I am very happy. Judy
Dear Chandra,
I truly want to thank you for the practice, knowledge and discipline you provided during my children's certification training. I am teaching a group of "very special needs" children and I hear your words -- children are special, they have a quality of innocence about them, learn to love and cherish them.
Om Shantih, Eva
Hello Chandra,
I had an interesting experience yesterday in Costa Rica. A girl of 18 or 19 years old could not pay the $26.00 excise tax to leave the country. And she was begging people to give her the money so she could leave the country. Right before she began to cry I remembered what you had said about generosity and gave her the money. Her tears of sadness turned to joy, and she begged to send me the money by return mail. But I explained to her that it was me who was grateful to her for giving me the opportunity to be generous, which she eventually accepted. Thanks Chandra . I was able to feel this feeling because you helped me recognize the possibility of such things. Denni
Chandra , THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I can't even begin to list the benefits to eating raw. I have noticed so many changes in my body. My knee and hip don't ache nearly as much. My skin has improved. Not to mention many other things as well. It is truly amazing. You are right," the proof is in the pudding." Have a great day. Love, Denise
Namaste Chandra, It has been over a year since completing my teacher training and I want you to know that I remain grateful for the opportunity to have trained at the North Carolina School of Yoga and for your mentorship. I am much busier as a yoga instructor than I had ever anticipated when completing training. My main reason for writing is recognition of the bond that one develops, teacher-to-student. Quite commonly it seems that I have felt a tie with a student, watching them progress and being hopeful for their continuance, only to experience a sense of loss when they do not return. I then have no means to know what path they have taken. This happens even when they have expressed great enthusiasm for Yoga. So, while I know through Eva that you have heard some assurance about my endeavors, I want you to know I remain dedicated to the discipline and feel a continued tie to your teachings. Yes, I remain vegetarian! This is not to say I am fully satisfied with my own practice. There are areas of deficit where time, money and stress continue to pull in ways limiting my potential depth and growth. Yet, I feel you should know my continued admiration and respect for both you and for the discipline. As you go forth, please know you bring great benefit to those you mentor, even if they don't return or send frequent emails!! Love, Om Shanti
Dear Chandra,
i have been teaching the beginner sequence and level one. the response has been pure joy, they have never done sequences like these before and they are enjoying the challenge and blissful feelings that is the result of the sequences very much. the teacher training is in my heart and i am trying diligently to do honor it. i so look forward to the Maha Sadhana weekend in june with you! Om Shanti Shanti Shantih
Dear Chandra,
i attended your workshop in mt pleasant, sc as well as having the pleasure of a workshop with Dharma Mittra at yogaville which you were with him. both were wonderful experiences. i wanted to let you know that you tapped into or reactivated something in me. the advanced class i took with you in SC was phenomenal! you were quite different in the role of teacher and i loved your style. after that practice, i became very clear about some important decisions i needed to make. i am grateful for the opportunity to practice with you and for how the practice gave me the clarity and strength to move forward. i sincerely appreciate what you brought to the practice and hope that i'll be able to practice with you again soon. i did not know you were in raleigh which is not that far from s.c so hopefully very soon, i will see you again. please accept my most heartfelt thanks and sincere gratitude.
blessings and love,
suzanne, ganga
Dear Chandra, my beloved teacher,
Thank you for your inspiring words and prayers. I will share them with Nate, to inspire him, too. Having your presence in my life helps me to keep up and not give up, forget, get so distracted, or get too lazy. I am so eternally grateful to have the blessing of having your guidance. When I first came to the school and the training you helped me realize I had not been paying attention to God, and suddenly it was so much clearer and I remembered how wonderful it is to know what is real. I carry God in my heart now always and I carry you in my heart, which is really the same of course. I will continue to work on unfolding myself, and with Nate work on creating our marriage around God. Thank you. So much love. I will see you at practice tonight.
Om Shanti, Jasmine
Dearest Chandra,
Last night, I was struck by a deep feeling of gratitude. Megan taught our Sunday night Karma class here in Greensboro. Suddenly, I was amazed to be in that room with her. I felt so blessed to be experiencing the teachings and that my life has been touched by this practice and by your presence. I was so overwhelmed by my blessings. "Why me? How did I come to be here, when so many are outside this room and do not know what peace is available?" I wished for so many others, the whole world, in fact, to be able to feel what I have been lucky enough to experience. I felt the presence of the people around me, such dedicated students, who are benefiting so much from your teachings here in Greensboro. I was again overwhelmed with gratitude, for two people in that room are dear, old friends of mine and one is my husband. As if it wasn't enough that God allowed me to come to you and this practice, He has brought people I love so much to it all too. I thanked God for giving us you, our shining example of love and dedication and peace and courage. And thank you too, for giving me my dear yogi friends, mentors, and examples, Megan and Audrey and Scott. More and more, I realize how all that I have is yours. Thank you for the many blessings you bestow upon me every day. All love and peace, Mel
Dear Chandra,
It was wonderful to practice with you Monday night. I wished I lived in Raleigh and could study with you all the time. On Monday night, during practice, you told me I was a good student. That inspired me beyond words! Eternally Gratefully.....
Just wanted to say hello and I loved the article about Chandra in this months Yoga Journal. It is a privilege to have attended classes with someone so wonderful. Hope all is well and my heart is always with you. Love & Namaste, Ashley Carter
Beloved teacher,
You are an endless source of inspiration, thank you so much. Your help is very special to me, and being over here, i realize even more the meaning of having met you. The schedule here is busy, lots of traveling, new places, people every day. I take this as my dharma, so many opportunities to practice yoga. You are traveling with me, your chants and your incredible recording of the Gita. I can’t wait for coming back home, this means so much to me. The Divine seems to have arranged my plans already, this is the very best time for me as well. Seeing the school and community growing so rapidly, and praying a lot that many more students will find their way there and to God.
Sending you love, Om Shanti, Connie
First I would like to thank you so much for everything - the teacher training was truly a life changing experience for me. I am truly at a loss for words to describe my gratitude to you, there really aren't enough ways to say how appreciative I am for the opportunity that you have given me. I think of you every day and hope that you know how deep my love and gratitude is for you. I plan to apply to the 500 hr training and look forward to the chance to continue my studies under your guidance. Again, thank you does not feel like enough, but please accept my love & gratitude for your presence in my life and your generosity, wisdom, knowledge, and guidance. I will continue to think of you daily with thoughts of love and peace.
Om Shanti, Jen Helgren
I was delighted to read the published articles about Chandra this month. What a pleasure to be able to be with her in classes, not only to see the beautiful Chandra but to experience the real self in a way that she always encourages. See you next Monday. Om Shanti, Mary Ann

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